Tabitha Naylor Clearwater : Tools and Tips Startups Can’t Afford to Miss

I use Basecamp to keep all my tasks organized, as much as a month in advance. At my agency, we produce content on a daily basis, and Basecamp lets me track what all my contractors are working on, when to expect delivery, and most importantly, when projects are overdue. Basecamp also lets me communicate with all my contractors throughout the day, and that’s valuable, because I can quickly convey any change that comes through from a client so that our schedule isn’t thrown off.

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You also can’t survive as a startup without a good SEO plan, and for me, SpyFu takes care of all my needs in that area. SpyFu is a service that provides you with the most-searched keywords in my industry, so I know what’s trending, and I can quickly determine if there are gaps in my content creation. SpyFu is also really valuable in helping me learn what other marketing agencies are using as their most popular keywords, which helps me distinguish my keywords. And it also creates a database of keywords I’m not using that could help boost my SEO rankings.

I also think that you need really useful communication tools that are super reliable, and that’s why my go-to platforms are Google Chat, Skype and Viber. I’m in a business in which client interaction and communication is key to success, so I have to be available no matter where I am, so I’m never without these tools.


Finally, you have to make sure you have a reliable accounting software, and I recommend Freshbooks, which is cloud-based and does all my expenses and invoicing. Plus, they offer a no-obligation free 30-day trial, so you have nothing to lose finding out if this is the tool that will keep your accounting on track.

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