Tabitha Naylor : Fantastic, Proven Ideas to Help Market Your Business

I’m not sure you can really do anything so totally unique in the digital marketing space anymore, because so many crazy things have been tried, so for me, it’s always about getting attention in the right way. What do I mean? For example, a few years ago, I got involved with a really interesting dating company that had a fresh take on the world of romance. We put together people who loved dogs, and the site was called You Must Love Dogs Dating. It’s a great example of branding, because everyone knew what it was about from the site name, but it also drove a lot of interest, because it’s a fresh way to approach the dating market. The lesson I learned that I apply to my marketing agency is to always look for interesting ways to brand my company, whether it’s through outstanding content, or through posts that go viral, the focus should always be on drawing attention and then converting visitors into clients once I have their attention.

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